why hospitals beds are important??

Imagine that   hospitals without hospital beds as a combination of telecommunications, observation care, and surgery.Telecommunications technology merged with Medicine (Telemedicine), allows patients to recover from surgery in their own house,  to avoid the expense of admission to special hospital. The patient monitoring and routine check-ups can be conducted with an iPad. Some of the activity like  Discharge instructions, video conferencing and prescription information,  with a doctor and nurse are all accessible from a patient’s bedroom. As a result, patients can recover more comfortably and they can reduce the hospital bills.

The world’s best first medical facility dedicated to telehealth, Mercy Virtual Care Center in Chesterfield, Missouri (a $54 million, four-story facility which opened in October of 2015) has there is no waiting rooms, hospital beds or patients on-site. Around 300 medical professionals are provided remote care for patients, by using cameras and internet telecommunications to monitor the chronically ill in their homes. Hospital Staffers place video calls to patients using two-way cameras and analyse vital signs through pulse oximeters plugged into iPads. In one the most popular article from U.S. News & World Report titled, “Are Virtual Care Clinics the Wave of the Future,” Mercy Virtual and its team of “virtual hospitalists” are described as a model of telemedicine for the future.

According to  American Telemedicine Association,  implementations  of  telemedicine technologies reduces the waiting room stress for the patient who are suffering from major illness, as well as this eliminates travel time. Accessibility, improved quality of care, and cost effectiveness are major fundamental benefits of telehealth. From nosebleeds to critical care, the virtual patient-centric approach to improves and maintains population health is an exciting strategy for successful health maintenance.

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Professional indemnity insurance

Insurance basically provides essential financial protection to a various type of professional advisers is defined as professional indemnity insurance.

Professional indemnity insurance helps to cover the cost of defending claims and paying any damages; in an event where the client faces financial losses because of assumed error; omission or neglect on the client’s part.

Benefits of professional indemnity insurance for doctors:

  • The insurance will help reimburse some of the legal expenses that may be accrued including defense costs like (costs, fees, expenses) incurred while investigation, cost of, compensation, representation etc. Beneficial not only to the doctors but also to their patients & their dependents as the insurance company takes care of the compensation
  • It is mainly the precautionary measure as it prepares the doctors for varied types of risks associated with their work. It provides an ability to handle more varied possible future mishaps that can otherwise leave a person bewildered and panicked
  • It acts as a  best and safety rope giving enough protection against the future perils which cannot be changed or made arrangements for normally
  • This insurance acts like a support system for providing doctors the much needed monetary support; as well as a team of people who can help the doctor through various unplanned and misfortune ordeals

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How big brand hospitals maintain their edge in the market

How big brand hospitals maintain their edge in the market

• These bigger hospitals through branding and marketing communications which include activities such as logo design are able to create a strong brand.

• Big brand hospitals use a number of methods to maintain the image and popularity of their brand in the market: regular conferences, seminars, events, workshops and medical camps. All of which are expensive and require huge finances.

• Big brand hospitals are able to provide corporate employees special discounts on medical services, add patients and enhance their brand.

• The bigger brands advertise in the print media and publish interviews of famous physicians of their hospitals.

• In sum, the big brands, since they have a name in the market are able to target the corporate sector quite

easily as compared to small hospitals that have not yet established their credibility in the market.

All of these activities are next to impossible for a small hospital and the hospital owner who is struggling with finances. The smaller hospitals that have no funds to carry out such activities are therefore lost somewhere in the race. The small hospitals out here stand no chance in front of these giant brands.

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Hospital Beds for sale

innovations-in-automated-hospital-bedsAutomated beds are introduced in 19th century. Today, progressive technology with all its bells and whistles has spurred the evolution of various types of innovative hospital beds. The introduction of lightweight bodies, automatic height and position adjustability, and storage compartments have made automated beds a necessity for world over. Here we have mentioned list of the variety of beds in use.

  • The catch bed is a type of crank model, still used in some of the nursing homes and medical clinics. There will be a row of three cranks at the footboard to increase and lower the bed in many positions. Since the catch bed no need electricity, a patient cannot adjust their own comfort without calling a nurse.
  •  Now a days the beds are most common in hospitals today are electric. Buttons are provided on side rails to control the bed’s positions, to make it easy for the patient to adjust without anybody help.
  • Low beds are specially designed for patients who may fall off from bed and injured themselves, even when they using side rails. They are set from 8-24 inches off from ground, with options to raise or lower the head and foot.
  •  A low air loss bed is designed for the patients who suffering from burn and skin grafts. Air is blown into cushioned sacs within the mattress, to keep patients cool and dry when they heal from pressure ulcers.
  • A circo-electric bed is mainly used for patients in traction who must be turned every two hours. The bed rotates insidethe circular bars, it protects patients with severe burns or spinal injuries.
  •  A Clinitron beds are also designed for patients who suffer from pressure ulcers, skin burns. It is filled with sand-like material, with dry and warm air  will be circulating through the mattress. It helps to support a body’s weight evenly, eliminating sore spots.

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Hospital beds for sale or rent

Are you outfitting a new hospital,  do you want to update old equipment at an existing hospital, or investing in at-home care, hospital beds are a necessary to care for patients specially after surgery. Investment on new hospital beds is expensive it is important to think of your budget and also to buy hospital beds for sale or rent with best quality.Keep in mind your expectations for the hospital beds for sale or rent in India, Meets your needs for your patients’ and how much length of time you are looking to use the hospital bed. Also, enquire the market price in an effort to spot trends and challenges in the hospital industry

Hospitalforsalelease.com is the best platform for the customers to sale lease and rent the hospitals and medical equipment to get the best service.  All these factors make sense to differentiate as to whether renting or buying a hospital beds makes more sense for you as an investor.

Here some of  the key features to consider when searching for hospital beds on rent:

1.The Hospital Bed Market

Before your decisions to rent or buy hospital, search for the potential resale value of a bed you have bought outright. Research into the hospitals you can get to know the better understanding of the opportunities, trends, and growth of the potential hospital industry. According to Persistence the global hospital bed market is estimated to be worth $5,254.2 million in 2014. That number is expected to grow up to 4.2% by the year 2020, a considerable growth that shows no signs of stopping. Europe country currently has the largest market for hospital beds and Asia is also growing exponentially. By considering the information in mind you may feel that purchasing and selling beds in certain countries is more profitable as a result of supply and demand.

2. Is it new?

When you have researched the market there are few orders due diligence you have to consider before you acquire the new hospital bed. One of the major difference between renting and buying is the newness of the product in question. Renting a hospital bed may result in the acquirement of outdated model that has already suffered by wear and tear of normal use. If you are consider for renting, find how old hospital bed is. This history of the bed, how long it was used by others, find out the model number and date of manufacture.

3. Will it save you money?

While buying a hospital bed outright is a major point, the cost of a rental may overshadow the possibility of the investment. You must consider how long you need to plan to use the bed? If your requirement are long-term you have to find that investing in the purchase of a hospital bed will be cheaper than long rental period. Also, if you own your bed have an asset that is resalable in the future days.

4. What Type of Hospital Bed is it? 

If you are looking for the latest and advance high-tech model on the market you will find that many hospital beds are listed for rent do not have the new features. Renting a newer model is not impossible, but it will certainly result in a higher price.

 5. The Future of Hospital Beds

The hospital bed market is continuously to grow and it doesn’t show signs of stopping. New beds are likely benefit from the implementation of new technologies and higher the quality materials. This means that your current hospital beds may become obsolete so renting is a great option if you plan to keep up-to-date.

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At Hospital for Sale Lease we are committed to help for hospitals and investors to find one another to improve the state of health care industry across the globe. We know that most of the hospitals are under the big financial stress of loans and investments, but also have incredible potential for business growth. Leasing a hospital helps to eliminate more revenue targets, to make healthcare more affordable for the patients in hospitals. If you are interested as endeavour but unsure how this process works, have a look at with step-by-step guide for the  hospital leasing procedure given below.

How to Lease the hospital –  Quick Tips for Success

1. Register with us for free login to https://www.hospitalforsalelease.com/register and follow some of the leasing process that is outlined for investors or for hospitals as required. Search for  related hospitals that will be within your requirement criteria if you are an investor and create the required shortlist of possible investors if you are a hospital. If have complete the registration express the interest and just established mutual interest, then exchange contact information and begin  cost negotiations offline at 0% brokerage fee.

2. Engage in with the person to understand the background, upbringing, , attitude, nature and working style of the person or hospital business. Check whether you are outline and understand what other party is looking to accomplish. Based on that information, determine whether you can work as a team.

3. Contact a professional company to complete a due of diligence and comprehensive appraisal of the hospital. If he may be its owner, its financial situation, and management. This is an major step in the process to make sure the investor has not only a complete and correct picture of the business in  one question but he can also verify any legal liabilities which will save the investor of many years of litigation and waste of time and money.

4. Better hire a technical expert to appraise the hospital property. It may be the infrastructure sound? What will be the most estimated life of the current hospital infrastructure and can it support the expansions and further construction?

5. Hire a construction company to check the cost of future construction.

6. Operational research – Enquire the Status of equipment, AMC and its expiry date, what new equipment are needed to properly to run the hospital and how much will be the equipment cost?

7. Market research – Analyze the product market research to determine the growth potential of this hospital.

8. Explore your hospital staffing options. Understand the cost of associated with a staff and check out how to go about hiring a capable staff.

9. Hire an independent Compliance officer to validate the status of compliances which the hospital has and the gaps of what it needs to be applied and to have for the running of the hospital. Various compliances needed are like http://www.jaypeejournals.com/ejournals/ShowText.aspx?ID=5151&Type=FREE&TYP=TOP&IN=_eJournals/images/JPLOGO.gif&IID=396&isPDF=YES

10. You need to have many licenses are required for to run the hospital and you must get it validated by the independent company. Licenses required are just like

.If you have any questions about the leasing hospital process please check out our FAQs page or https://www.hospitalforsalelease.com/contact-us .

Do’s and Don’ts on Leasing a Healthcare Setting


Are you willing to establish a hospital building, a medical practice, ambulatory surgery center or a hospital business?  Do you want to know the needs assessment to identify the market cost?  Hospital for sale lease is one of the best platform to sale or lease the hospital business. Through our service will not go wrong with leasing a real estate holding rather than building it. It is advantageous for the customers to sale or lease medical equipment using our advance search option, you may not just wake up and decide to rent property. However, here we described a quick guide to help you about do’s and don’ts involved in leasing a hospital.

Most important point is to start any hospital business choose with, establish an perfect location.If you are hope to lease a hospital close to the market place? The location of other auxiliary service with accessibility and aesthetics. You have to look at an existing such avenues and where they are located : Mainly to buy hospital or to buy equipment first consider the cost requirements. You can only buy the business within your budgetary limits. To have to check the overall cost involved:

The cost of renting the old equipment, the build out, the miscellaneous expenses expected to like the cost to employ security systems.

We provide hospital for sale lease in Delhi and all over India and outside the country. Follow the existing laws and regulations. Consult the professionals to know more about Laws. It may vary in one state or country may not apply in another. Verify  whether there exist such kind of rules like the federal Stark’s and Anti-Kickback laws. Try to learn the requirements as outlined by the some of the regulatory bodies for instance HIPAA rules may need the leasing limit and a landlord’s access to the premises where patients’ medical records are have the back up or stored.

Examine the lease agreement .Check whether there exist clauses that are specific to healthcare industry. If you have there are exclusivity provisions? For E.g. the clause prohibits the landlord from renting out another area in a medical office industry to a healthcare tenant with the same type of medical practices. What are the provisions in case if  you would like to expand the business?

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Buying and Leasing Hospitals and medical Equipment for sale


Buying and leasing used hospital equipment for sale will save the thousands of dollars every year, this approach makes cost cutting instead of buying brand new equipment. Budge is very  important to a hospital industry, and can finally lead to an advancement in facility in a nearer future.

The already used medical equipment in market has been projected to jump by $5.36 billion by the year end 2021, with a compound annual overall growth rate is 12.7% from 2016 until then.  The market share for used the refurbished medical equipment accounts for 15%, while the other 85% is comprised for new medical equipment. That being noted, the market growth for used equipment is increasing day by day, in healthcare becomes more popular for long-term patients.

There are 5 reasons why the hospital owners to buy or lease used hospital equipment for sale.

  1. Eco-friendly approach.

Used equipment is a best way to re-use the material instead of throwing it away to collect in a landfill. The main approach is that you should make an Earth-friendly decision while saving a considerable amount on buying from the manufacturer.

  1. Tested technology.

Old models of some equipment are very useful, as the newer technology hasn’t been tested for as long, and can be unpredictable. Used equipment are likely been tested repeatedly.

3.Refurbished means reliable.

The refurbished version of any used medical equipment can be leased in near perfect condition, beating out newer models both in price and reliability, as the older version can be up to half of the manufacturer cost.

  1. Calculated loss.

Buying or leasing used hospital equipment for sale is not a gamble, but should a machine wear out after a period of time, the cost is negligible. Repairs have likely been done before the machine was purchased refurbished, and some pieces can even be under warranty, making their replacement cheap and easy.

  1. Patient care enhanced.

By spending less on equipment, extra funds can be allotted to accommodate more experienced or renowned staff, and the quality of patient care can be significantly improved as a result.


A Hospital without hospital Beds

Imagine if the hospitals without hospital beds as a combination of telecommunications, observation care, and surgery.

Telecommunications technology merged with Medicine (Telemedicine), permits patients to recover from any kind of surgery in their own homes,  to avoid the expense of admission to a traditional hospital. Both patient monitoring and routine check-ups can be done with an iPad. Discharge instructions, prescription information, and video conferencing with a nurse are all can accessible from a patient’s bedroom. As a result, patients recover more comfortably and save on costly hospital expenditure.

The number one medical facility dedicated to telehealth, Mercy Virtual Care Center in Chesterfield, Missouri (a $54 million, four-story facility is published on October of 2015) has there is no waiting rooms, hospital beds or patients on-site. More than 300 medical professionals who can provide remote care for patients,  by using cameras and advanced internet-driven telecommunications technology  to monitor the chronically ill in their house. Staffers place provide video calls to patients using two-different types of cameras and monitor Major defects through pulse oximeters connected into iPads. In a article from U.S. News & World Report named, “Are Virtual Care Clinics the Wave of the Future.

According to the American Telemedicine Association, implementing tele medicine technologies reduces waiting room stress for the patient, and also eliminates travel time. Accessibility, improved quality of care, and cost effectiveness are main fundamental benefits of tele healthcare. From nosebleeds to critical care, the virtual patient-centric approach to improve and maintain population health is an exciting strategy for successful health maintenance today

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